Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Beginning with Copics

I've just started copics and now I'm completely obsessed! I was afraid to try them because I don't consider myself to be terribly artistic and I love stamping. I always steered away from the stamps that required coloring. Well, now I am going in the complete opposite direction. Copics are fun! Thank you eBay for making copics more affordable. Here is my first stash from eBay. I had to get some Memento Dew Drops too since they are the best for quick drying and stamping.

With my now slim collection of copics I tried coloring that very night with some Disney Princess Clear Stamps I had. I think I like coloring the less realistic hair. Don't you think Ariel looks amazing with purple hair! I can't wait to buy some pink and bright blue copics to do funky hair! I'm also watching YouTube videos on how to color skin so I tried some different versions of skin tones on Snow White. I think I actually like her with a more Latina vibe. I gave Ariel a suntan in the third stamp from the left but the effect was a bit blotchy. I'm using Georgia Pacific Paper from Walmart. It's cheap for sure but the paper soaks up the ink so quickly that you have to move fast to blend. I've ordered some Copic X-Press It Paper and will be experimenting soon when that finally arrives in my mail box.

I truly hope this blog will show a progression of my copic technique. My thoughts so far on it is that it's actually super easy and very relaxing. I can do it before bed while watching TV with the kiddos. Now if only I could bring my whole craft area into the living room too!

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